High-end Kitchen

a High-end kitchen says a lot about you as a home owner. It is similar to driving an expensive automobile. When you see someone driving a stylish new BMW, you get an instant impression of that person that is different than the one you get when you see someone driving a Kia, for example. It says that you have sophisticated taste and will settle for nothing less than the very best.

A high-end kitchen starts with good designers. Binns Kitchen + Bath Design has an award winning design team with Certified Kitchen Designers. To earn this prestigious professional certification, these designers have spent years training and gaining experience in design and construction. They are gifted in taking your design ideas to the highest level and offering wonderful advice of their own. These are the swiss watch makers of the kitchen design world.

Bringing a High-End Kitchen to Life

To take a great idea and transform it into a high-end kitchen requires using only the best products. The manufacturers whose products fill the Binns showroom are the top names in kitchen design. Only the best cabinet makers and furniture designers are used. Artcraft and SieMatic are only two of Binns many prestigious design partners and their products are second to none. They are the ultimate in style and design.

Finally, a high-end kitchen demands meticulous construction. Binns' professional installers work with the project manager to ensure that every detail is given the attention it deserves. Each and every piece is loving installed by trained professionals with years of experience working in high-end kitchens.