Bathroom Displays

Bathroom displays are a great way to get ideas for your next bathroom renovation. You may see something you like so much that you decide to recreate it right down to the smallest detail or you may pick and choose elements that work for you in your home. Bathroom displays give you an overall image of how certain fixtures look with certain colors and how different styles can be blended together.

Binns Kitchen + Bath Design is an industry leader in bathrooms displays for home renovation. Before you begin a home remodeling project and even before you speak to a contractor, it is a good idea to visit the Binns showroom and check out the bathroom displays. You'll find tasteful and functional bathroom displays and you can talk to certified designer about how to create the perfect bathroom for your home.

See Binns' Bathroom Displays

There are two ways to view Binns' bathroom displays. The first is a virtual tour. The Binns bathroom photo gallery uses high quality images to give you a taste of how different colors and materials can be used. You can see which brand name bathroom fixtures look best and how to incorporate different themes.

The second way is to visit the Binns showroom in person. There you can meet face to face with a designer gather tactile information to use in your bathroom designs. Bathroom displays are fully decorated and you get the chance to open cabinets, play with faucets and fixtures, and see how all the elements come together. It is similar to taking a test drive before buying your new Lexus, and you can get first hand design advice from an industry leader.